Clothing optional… um yea unless you have to leave your house

Ok, so I know some of you chronic pelvic pain ladies are having a hard time staying fashion savvy and comfortable. With all that IC Bloat and tender tummy area nagging at you, it’s a wonder you even go out at all anymore. Right? It’s cool, I’ve been there. I am there. So after being informed that jammies won’t work for volunteering anymore, I just knew I needed a solution. Sooo, I went to my local thrift store and started looking through the stretchy waist pants. I was totally not loving the options there. Egads! So I moved over a little bit and lo and behold… wait for it… Maternity pants!! Yep, my thoughts exactly. But before you knock it, try it. They are fashionable, capris, flares,dress slacks, and even skirts. The best part is they have super stretchy waistbands and some have those awesome belly panels. I have updated my wardrobe to include some homemade belly bands and long camis as well. 

These things are great I’m telling ya! There really weren’t a lot of options for comfy wear when I was first diagnosed, so I’m hoping this at least gives some of you an idea of what might help you. I am totally open to your comments, because what works for me might not work for others, and I want to know.  I’m working on a really cool idea for vulvodynia sufferers, so stay tuned.

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It’s all going to pot… but in a good way

Ok, so I’m absolutely in love with Pinterest. It’s my new obsession. Upon browsing millions of pins the other night, I came upon a blog that suggested make ahead crock pot meals. I’m not really a big fan of my crock pot. It’s big, it’s heavy and such a pain to clean.  Then I heard someone mention liners. Oh wow, now I can see myself trying out this freezer meal thingy people are pinning about. Thanks to an awesome lady named Janell over at Saving You Dinero , I have come to love crock pot cooking. She has these 5 meals that my husband and I just looove. What I really love about this idea is that even on a bad day my family can still have a home cooked meal, and I can lay on the couch with my heating pad all day. We are on the second day of these meals and I am just giddy about this. Try it for yourself and stop by Saving you Dinero and let Janell know how much you love her.


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Struggles and Achievments

I wish I could say this is a blog about sweeping the floor from the comfort of the couch. Or how to make dinner with a heating pad strapped to your waist. Alas, I’m not there yet. Let’s face it, if you’re suffering from a form of chronic pain, the last thing you care about is “what will the neighbors think if a dust bunny answers the door?”, am I right?

So, join me on my journey to domestic bliss, or at least laugh at my failures. Either way I hope you walk away from this with a little more knowledge than you started with.


Have a great day and don’t say I didn’t warn you,